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To share new adventures. Priceless!


Between October 15 and December 15, make 15 payments per month with Mastercard® via your phone or watch mobile wallet and you can win a BMW electric car.

To share new adventures. Priceless!

Mastercard® is the virtual card in every mobile wallet in Bulgaria and now with it you can win a BMW electric car!

Because being mobile nowadays is not only good, it is a must. Being mobile means mastering to perfection the modern technologies that help you to live fully: to be able to move quickly and easily; to have the freedom to communicate and work where you are; to be independent of the time and place you are.

With Mastercard in a mobile wallet is:

  1. Easy - use a mobile wallet with your Mastercard® debit or credit card;

  2. Fast - register your cards in seconds and pay instantly at contactless payment terminals without entering a PIN;

  3. Secure - payments with a mobile wallet have the highest level of protection and security that Mastercard offers through MDES tokenization technology;

  4. Affordable - you can pay mobile at any contactless POS terminal by phone or make online transactions with the virtual card.

And when you choose to pay through your mobile wallet on your phone or watch with Mastercard, you can also win a prize that will take your mobility to a new level.

Term and periods of the campaign:

Pay mobile with Mastercard quickly, conveniently and securely at least 15 times in one of the two stages of the campaign until December 15 and you can win an electric BMW.

The more payments you make, the better your chances of winning.

The campaign is conducted in two stages:

  • First stage: 15.10 - 15.11.2021, inclusive;
  • Second stage: 16.11 - 15.12.2021, inclusive.

Every cardholder with a card issued before the start of the campaign, who has made at least 15 payments in one of the two stages of the campaign in a retail outlet / s through a mobile wallet, has the right to participate.

The lottery will be held on December 22, 2021.

More about the terms of the game you can find here