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Next stop Tenerife


Pay with Visa at public transport validators in Sofia until 28.05.2023 and travel profitably. Now you can win a prize too!

Next stop Tenerife

The capital's public transport takes you almost everywhere in Sofia, but sometimes you want to go further. For example, on vacation on the island of Tenerife!

Visa gives you that chance.

Pay for travel with Visa at the validating devices in Sofia's public transport and you can win an unforgettable experience for two in Tenerife to completely forget about the hectic city rhythm.

Participate for a prize from 06.03.2023 until 28.05.2023

Pay with Visa for travel at least once each week within a monthly sub-period of the promotion and enter one of three holidays for the relevant sub-period:

  • 1st sub-period: 03.06.2023 – 04.02.2023;
  • 2nd sub-period: 04.03.2023 – 04.30.2023;
  • 3rd sub-period: 05.01.2023 – 05.28.2023.

Good luck!

You can learn more about the campaign in the official rules. They are only in Bulgarian.