Park smart

Start something Priceless. Use your Mastercard to pay for 4 hours of Blue or Green parking zone in Sofia through the Viber chat bot of the Center for Urban Mobility and get 1 hour as a gift.



The more you park, the more you park.

Your Mastercard®, issued by UniCredit Bulbank, gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a free parking hour in Sofia from 09.10.2020 *.


What do you have to do?

  1. Follow the Viber channel of the Center for Urban Mobility and register on the portal of the Center for Urban Mobility (, filling in correctly: "Name", "Surname", "E -mail ”and“ Phone number ”;

  2. Accept the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for using the services and log in to your account;

  3. For every paid 4 hours of parking for the Blue / Green zone with debit or credit Mastercard at a price of BGN 2.00 / BGN 1.00 you receive BGN 2.00 / BGN 1.00 a parking deposit as a gift.

If you are already a registered user of the Viber channel and the Portal of the Center for Urban Mobility, you can start directly from Step 3.

You can learn more about the campaign here.

The official terms and conditions of the campaign are only in Bulgarian.

*The promotional conditions are valid from 09.10.2020 until the prize fund is exhausted.