Mastercard and METRO


Two rivals. Two minutes at METRO. Get the most products and who has a bigger "account" on the cashier gets everything for FREE!


Fast and happy. Get everything you can.


Shop for at least 79 leva at METRO from August 8, 2019 to September 30, 2019. Pay free of charge with debit or credit Mastercard card. Register the receipt for participation in the "Fast and Joyful" campaign at

Two participants from the registered for the period will be withdrawn for a 2-minute extreme "shopping" at METRO. The one of them who brings products at a higher value (no more than 7 900 BGN with VAT) to the cashier, earns them for free! The second participant wins one of the products he has finished with.

More about the Mastercard and METRO campaign and its rules can be found here.*

*The T&C are only in Bulgarian