"My New Home" Mortgage Loan

With “My New Home” Mortgage Loan from UniCredit Bulbank you can get:

  • Remote advisor and prior approval
  • Up to 90% financing
  • Term of up to 35 years
  • Promotional interest rate from 2.69%



Amount of funding

Up to 90% of the market value of the property, allowing the customer to choose - to be liable with all their possessions or limited liability up to the collateral provided.


  • To finance the purchase, construction, renovation and/or finishing works of the residential property purchased
  • To refinance similar target loans


  • Up to 35 years
  • Age at end of loan - 70 years max



Interest rate

Annual interest rate formed by a reference interest rate representing a market interest rate index for the respective currency*, increased by a fixed margin.

*Interest index for the respective currency - ADI for BGN, EURIBOR for EUR, LIBOR for USD, GBP, CHF, or another different maturity index.


Equal monthly installments (annuity) and decreasing monthly installments.


First mortgage on the property , used as collateral, or on another property

Interest calculation method

Actual number of days/360

Frequency of disbursement

As a lump sum or in tranches as per the agreed disbursement schedule

Life insurance required


Property insurance required


Example: Authorized loan amount BGN 150,000 Loan term: 25 years Type of repayment: Annuity The amount of the monthly installment is: BGN 692.21 APR: 2.77% The calculations in the example are based on a promotional floating annual interest rate of 2.69% with use of a payroll service.

The APR on the loan is an expression of the total costs on the loan for the consumer, present or future ones, as an annual percentage calculated on an annual basis from the total amount of the loan granted. 

The additional costs payable under the loan agreement, which shall become a part of the APR after they become known to the Bank, are as follows:

  • The Life Insurance costs for the term of effect of the loan agreement;
  • The property insurance costs for the real estate which is provided as a collateral for the term of effect of the loan agreement;
  • The notary and state fees for the establishment of a mortgage in favor of the Bank;
  • The notary and state fees for renewal and deletion of the collaterals established in favor of the Bank;
  • The costs for a market appraisal of the proposed collateral.

The additional costs indicated above are not included in the provided example for the total costs on the loan, and they shall become a part of APR after they become known to the Bank.

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Required documents

Application documents depend on the client profile. In preparing them please follow the guidelines by the banking consultant.

  • Documents required for consideration of the loan application

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 "My New Home"

Purchasing a new home is a rough decision. We are here to assist you in finding the best funding solution and help you go through the entire application process. Even if you are not a permanent resident in Bulgaria, the loan consultants of UniCredit Bulbank can offer you flexible options for financing your property purchase.


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