Debit Card Overdraft Аgainst Transfer of Salary

You can be sure you have cash available at any time with an overdraft on a debit card with salary transfer. You can withdraw up to 5 net salaries without any collateral required.

  • You get an amount of up to 5 net salaries at your disposal.
  • You use it with a debit card at ATM or POS-terminal.
  • You repay it within up to 12 months with an option for extension.
  • You get a discount with the Modula Program.
  • You pay interest only on the amount used.
  • Quick response





To finance the borrower’s current needs.


12 months with an option for automatic extension.




  • No collateral required
  • Not required to include the spouse as joint debtor on the loan
  • No life insurance required

Interest calculation method

Actual number of days/360


Requirements and Documents

What requirements should be met?

  • Work experience of minimum 1 year
  • Net income of minimum BGN 300 per month
  • To be a regular payer of current loans


Required documents

  • Loan application
  • Documents required in relation to the consideration of loan application


  1. Visit the closest branch of UniCredit Bulbank and discuss your options with our consultant.
  2. Fill in an individual loan application.
  3. Fill in the form and our consultants will contact you.

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