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Savings and Investments

      Invest your money in mutual funds, financial instruments or currency and unlock the potential for higher return. Start today with saving plans of different strategies matching your invetsment goals!


Savings and Investments

Investment Products

Save and earn good income by investing in professionally and actively managed mutual funds. Take the first step towards achieving your financial goals and making your dreams come true.

Pension Funds

Investment in pension funds, in partnership with Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company, part of leading international group.

Financial Markets and Services

The Bank is a leader on the Bulgarian inter-bank foreign exchange market.

Notification - depositaries (CSDR)

Notification for safekeeping of securities regarding disclosure of expenses and protection of clients, according to CSDR

Classic Deposit

The Classic term deposit from UniCredit Bulbank is a savings product to deposit free funds in a national or foreign currency.

Saving Accounts

A constant access to your money, while saving. Security and opportunity for high returns on your deposit.