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Declaration of Accessibility

Declaration of Accessibility


UniCredit Bulbank AD is committed to providing access to:

Its website in accordance with Art. 58c of the Electronic Governance Act (supplemented, State Gazette issue Nr. 102 of 31 December 2019) and Art. 39 and Art. 39a of the Ordinance on the general requirements to the information systems, registers and electronic administrative services (amended and supplemented, State Gazette issue Nr. 4 of 14 January 2020)

This declaration of accessibility is applicable to 

Standard of compliance for providing accessible content:

EN 301 549 V2.1.2 (2018-08)

Compliance status possible options: complies fully with the standard specified above – all requirements of the standard are fully met without any exceptions  

Date of initial preparation of the declaration:


Date of annual review (updating) of the declaration:


Date of updating the declaration after a performed assessment and substantial redesign of the website or the mobile application:

Not applicable

Method used to prepare the declaration:

    Аssessment conducted by a third party

Feedback and contact details

Address for providing feedback and suggestions on the accessibility of this website: 

1000 Sofia, Vazrazhdane District, 7 “Sveta Nedelya” Sq. ddnAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch

Link to the feedback form:

Contact details of the official(s) responsible for the accessibility and processing of requests sent through the feedback tool: ddnAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch

Application procedure

1. Procedure for consideration of received notifications regarding the accessibility of the website of UniCredit Bulbank AD:

  • Notifications in accordance with the procedure of the Electronic Governance Act regarding non-compliance with the requirements for accessibility of the content on the website of UniCredit Bulbank AD shall be submitted on paper (by personal handing in or by mail) to the address:  1000 Sofia, Vazrazhdane District, 7 “Sveta Nedelya” Sq., or electronically to the e-mail address: ddnAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch or through the feedback form on the website of the Bank:
  • The notification shall be considered within a term of 30 days of the date of receiving it and within the same term a reply shall be prepared, including a description of the actions taken and the measures adopted for remedying the non-compliance with the accessibility requirements or a motivated rejection shall be provided.
  • Where the person submitting the notification has indicated an e-mail address, the reply shall be sent to it, and in all other cases – it will be provided on paper, to the address indicated in the notification.

2. In case UniCredit Bulbank AD: 

  • does not reply to the notification within the term specified above or
  • does not take the measures to remedy the violation of the accessibility, indicated in the reply, the citizen or the organisation that submitted the notification may file a complaint, addressing it to the Chairperson of the State e-Government Agency (SEGA).

Complaints under the procedure of Art. 58d, para.2 of the Electronic Governance Act for non-compliance with the accessibility requirements or failure to observe the procedure for consideration of notifications under paragraph 1 shall be addressed to the Chairperson of the State e-Government Agency through the registry office of SEGA at the address: 1000 Sofia, 6 "Gen. Yosif V. Gurko" Street; electronically (with Subject: “Complaint regarding a violation of the accessibility of websites") or on paper by post to the address of SEGA – 1000 Sofia, 6 "Gen. Yosif V. Gurko" Street.

3. According to Art.60a of EGA, the control on the compliance of the content of websites and mobile applications with the accessibility requirements set out in Article 58c of EGA shall be exercised by the Chairperson of the State e-Government Agency.


UniCredit Bulbank AD

strives to ensure constantly the necessary standards for digital accessibility.  In case you encounter any difficulties while working with the website or some part of its content is not available to you, please contact us and describe the problem.  

Date of publication on the website and/or the mobile application:    


Date of last update of the website and/or the mobile application due to significant changes to their content: