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Pension Funds

UniCredit Bulbank offers investment in pension funds, in partnership with Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company, part of leading international group and a synonym of solidity and transparency - values fully shared by UniCredit.

Pension Funds

Universal Pension Fund Allianz

The Mandatory Universal Pension Fund Allianz Bulgaria ensures additional lifetime pension to persons born after 31.12.1959 and Social Security Code.

Voluntary Pension Fund Allianz

Implement your travel plans and deal with your favourite hobby after retirement. Save money with Allianz Bulgaria Voluntary Pension Fund.

Savings calculator Golden Ages

Try the first of its kind at the Bulgarian bank market savings calculator Golden Ages. With it you can estimate the approximate amount of your pension and to receive various options for its increase right away. Golden Ages is an online tool, which everyone can be informed with on how to secure a peaceful and pleasant old age.

By completing a few short steps, Golden Ages shows you various options of planning of your pension investment insurance. The solutions we offer are tailored to your chosen investment profile - conservative, moderate or risky.

Calculate your pension