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E-signing of documents for legal entities

  • Anytime and anywhere

  • Safe and reliable

  • Paperless

  • No additional fees

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E-signing of documents for legal entities

What is e-signing?

Electronic signature is a means for signing and confirming electronic documents. By signing an electronic document, the legal entity identifies itself and the information in the document is protected from any subsequent changes.

Remote signing of documents with UniCredit Bulbank is possible by means of a certified qualified electronic signature (QES)* or the Evrotrust mobile application, developed by Evrotrust Technologies AD in its capacity as qualified trust service provider.

*A Qualified electronic signature (QES) is issued by a trust service provider as per the Electronic Documents and Electronic Signature Act. List of the trust service providers can be found at the following link.


Simple and fast


by means of a QES* of a legal entity or via the Evrotrust mobile application



and anywhere, no need to visit a bank branch

Legal effect equivalent


to the one of a handwritten signature

The signatory


is identified and the document is protected from any subsequent change

Safe and reliable exchange


of confidential information



paperless process

No additional fees


for the service when signing documents with UniCredit Bulbank

How does it work?

Exchange of documents via the Evrotrust mobile application**

UCB_Evrotrust_Infographics_01.png Step 1: Download and install the Evrotrust mobile application.

UCB_Evrotrust_Infographics_02.png  Step 2: Identify yourself remotely via Evrotrust - take a picture of your ID card and take a selfie using the camera of your smartphone.

UCB_Evrotrust_Infographics_03.png Step 3: Contact your relationship manager and request the service of your choice.

UCB_Evrotrust_Infographics_04.png Step 4: UniCredit Bulbank will send the relevant documents to you via the Evrotrust application.

UCB_Evrotrust_Infographics_06.png Step 5: Sign the documents you have received from the bank for free, using a QES - a personal identification number generated by Evrotrust.

UCB_Evrotrust_Infographics_05.png Step 6: View and keep all documents with an electronic signature in the Evrostrust mobile application.

**Also valid for foreign citizens.

Exchange of documents with a QES* via e-mail

UCB_QES_Infographics_01-02.png Step 1: Request a QES* for legal entities from a legitimate qualified trust service provider in the EU.

UCB_QES_Infographics_02-02.png Step 2: Request exchange of documents with a QES* with your banker in an e-mail and explicitly indicate the e-mail address which will be used for the exchange.

UCB_QES_Infographics_03-02.png Step 3: You will receive the relevant documents from UniCredit Bulbank.

UCB_QES_Infographics_04-02.png Step 4: Sign the documents using a QES* of a legal entity and send the documents in PDF format.

UCB_QES_Infographics_05-02.png Step 5: Your banker will inform you of the status of your request.

*List of the trust service providers can be found at the following link.


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