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Your ERP system in interaction with Bulbank Online.



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What is a Host-to-Host?

Host-to-Host is a functionality for package payments through the Bulbank Online service through API integration with client ERP systems. The service is an opportunity for corporate clients to order a group of outgoing transfers in BGN and / or foreign currency through their online banking by UniCredit Bulbank, including budget and SEBRA payments, using their own accounting system.

What are the benefits?

H2H (Host-to-Host) allows you - our clients legal entities:



  • To integrate your ERP systems directly with Bulbank Online in order to submit payment orders and download statements in SWIFT MT940 format automatically.
  • To access all available payment formats in Bulbank Online, and the MT940 format is the same as the standard format for electronic statements, which can be accessed through the platform.
  • To avoid retransmission of information - the file containing all payment orders is transferred directly from the client's ERP system to Bulbank Online via a secure communication channel.
  • Take advantage of process automation, such as loading payments and downloading statements.
  • Integrate your ERP system into the banking system so that it fully matches automatically ordered payments with the information from the account statement.

The payment process follows the functionalities already established in Bulbank Online, providing a high level of security. All payments should be reviewed by an authorized employee of the client and confirmed with two-factor authentication in Bulbank Online before being processed by the bank.

Who can use the service?

The Host-to-Host functionality in Bulbank Online is intended for companies (legal entities) with their own specialized ERP systems for operational management.


How to request?

To use the Host-to-Host functionality you need:


  • Your company must be subscribed for the Bulbank Online service in advance.
  • To visit a branch of the Bank once and to fill in "Request for Package Payments through Bulbank Online via API integration with client ERP Systems".

What is the fee?

When requesting access to the service, a one-time fee and monthly fee according to the currents Tariff for fees and commissions of UniCredit Bulbank, applicable to LE and Sole Traders