Receivables Discount Financing

Short-term loan to finance the need of working capital of suppliers in connection with payments under invoices issued by their approved customers. The loan is shortening the period of receivables collection.

Bank financing is up to 80% of the invoiced amount (VAT excluded). For this purpose  goods / services must be supplied, all conditions of delivery to be fulfillef and invoices accepted for payment.

Pledge of current receivables is needed as the payer should be informed about it. The tenor of invoices should not to exceed 120 days. The tenor of the loan is up to 12 months.


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  • Provision of working capital
  • Financing of up to 80% of the invoiced amount 

Whom is it Suitable for?

  • Local and foreign companies
  • Public and financial institutions that have a need of liquidity


The loan can be secured by assets of the borrower or of third parties, established in favour of the Bank as per the procedure and in the form established by law. The assets can be:

  • Real Estate

  • Movable assets

  • Financial assets

  • Valuables

  • Securities

  • Mutual Funds

  • Receivables from third parties, etc.

Property insurance of collaterals is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The market apprisal should be updated every year. The insurance must be maintained valid for the entire loan period.

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