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Bulbank Online


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Bulbank Online with a brand-new design

Bulbank Online with a brand-new design

Should you need further information or assistance, contact Bulbank Online Technical Support Center at +359 2 933 73 33 or dial a short number 15 333 for mobile operators in Bulgaria.

If you are curious to learn more, watch the short video now.

М-token - a new simplification for using Bulbank Online

With the new M-token the transfers online are more comfortable than ever. This is a mobile application that generates digital codes of electronic signature for online payments and transactions. It is accessed via Bulbank Mobile in a separate section before the entrance to the service and the activation is easy and convenient - via your Bulbank Online account or at a branch of the bank.

Why M-Token   Frequently Asked Questions

Why to activate M-token?

Why to activate M-token?

  • You use Bulbank Online from all popular Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc.) without additional settings or certificates.
  • You don’t carry an additional device to make operations - you only use your phone.
  • You can sign at any time from any PC/laptop/ tablet.
  • You can work offline M-token do not need active internet connection.
  • No fee for activation or usige of the service.
  • You get highest level of protectionThe codes are unique with encrypted information about the present payment.


You manage your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


You request bank products and services without having to visit a branch


You make various operations at lower fees


You can check, quick and easy, your bills for electricity, water, telephone, etc.

Individual customers

Become a client of Bulbank Online and you will be able to use your funds any time you like, transfer money in the country and abroad, repay debts under loans and credit cards, pay utility bills and request products and services online.

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Corporate clients

Manage your business with the online banking for legal entities. Monitor your company accounts, payments and loans only with a few clicks. Make salary payments in a quick, easy and secure way.

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