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Step 1

Download the Bulbank Mobile app from your AppStore, Google Play or AppGallery, log in and choose "M-token".

Step 2

Open the menu Mobile services >> M-token in Bulbank Online – follow the instructions on the page.

Step 3

Open the M-token application and enter the codes, you will receive via e-mail (your M-token ID) and SMS (activation code for M-token). And then create a PIN code and remember the flag of the country that will appear.

Use M-token in Bulbank Online

With the M-token the transfers online are more comfortable than ever. M-token is an application, which is part of Bulbank Mobile, and it generates unique codes for signing payments and requests in the online banking service Bulbank Online. Find your Bulbank Mobile in the app store on your smart phone and activate M-token in your profile in Bulbank Online or at a bank branch.

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Help center

How to make money transfers?

Need to send money to a friend or want to transfer money between your own accounts? See how you can do this in a few steps.

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How can I activate M-token?

Ensure yourself with peace of mind and convenience when signing payments and transactions in Bulbank Online with M-token by installing it now.

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How to pay my utility bills?

In a few simple steps you can pay your bills for electricity, water, Internet, TV and many more!

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Much more than banking products


Lock/Unlock Card

For higher security or in case you have any concerns that the card may have been lost or stolen, you can block it on your own through Bulbank Online and you can reactivate it with the click of a button when you decide so.


Investment products

You have information for your savings plans and direct investments in Amundi mutual funds in absolute terms, total invested amount and the generated yield until the current moment.


Dynamic password

You will receive a unique dynamic password for each payment for greater safety when you shop online.


Install Bulbank Mobile in your phone

Bank quickly and simply, whenever and wherever you want with a few clicks!