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Bulbank Online is the main digital platform for providing services to our corporate clients and communicating with them. Our vision is for it to be a virtual ecosystem for extraordinary financial client experience and generation of value in the future.


What is new in Bulbank Online for corporate clients


In order to activate the service, you should visit a branch of UniCredit Bulbank which is convenient for you and submit an application for using Bulbank Online.

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Platform for electronic exchange of documents

The innovative solution that upgrades the way you exchange documents with UniCredit Bulbank.

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E-PIN (Alternative PIN)

E-PIN is a digital opportunity to obtain a PIN to activate access to Bulbank Online. You need to request a service when filling-in the Online banking application.


M-token is an application, part of Bulbank Mobile, which generates unique codes for signing payments and orders in online banking Bulbank Online.

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ERP integration (Host-to-Host)

You have the opportunity to order a group of outgoing payments in BGN / foreign currency, budget and SEBRA payments, through your online banking, through your own accounting (ERP) system. The connection between it and Bulbank Online is made through API.


Through the online banking you can make transfers in BGN / currency, SEPA or SEBRA transfers, budget transfers, currency exchange or direct debit.

Package Payments

In the packet payments menu you have the opportunity to load the salaries of your employees, as well as to load a large number of single payments from a file in MT103 format.

Accounts, cards and loans

Check the balance on your accounts and keep track of details of movements. Get information about your company's debit and credit cards, as well as loan status of your company.

Bank reference

You have the opportunity to submit requests and receive bank references with information on accounts and movements, liabilities, absence/presence of seizures and issued bank guarantees.

Disbursement/ repayment of revolving loan

Take advantage of the opportunity to remotely submit an application for disbursement and repayment of a revolving loan.

Cash withdrawal

Submit an application for cash withdrawal from a branch of your choice directly through Bulbank Online.

Trade finance

The functionality facilitates and accelerates the communication between the parties to a transaction through the ability to process and access information on bank guarantees, letters of credit and documentary collections in real time.

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Investments and markets

The Investments and Markets menu allows you to place orders to buy and sell securities and to check and track orders and transactions in your portfolio.

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In order to activate the service, you have to visit a branch of UniCredit Bulbank which is convenient for you and submit an application for using Bulbank Online.

Accounts and cards

Here you can track the movements on your cards, turnover and available balance on accounts over a period specified by you.


You can find detailed information about your credit facilities.

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