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What is new?

Why BulBank Mobile?

New Design

The application’s design uses the maximum potential of your smartphone or tablet in a way that gives you a unique experience while you are banking. Our mobile application is the only one on the market that is controlled with hand gestures to the left, to the right, up and down.

High security standarts

Bulbank Mobile is uses the world’s newest security practices in the sphere of mobile technologies. The application is activated with a unique activation code and the access to the secured zone is possible through a PIN code set by you. If you make three errors, the application gets locked. The communication between the application and the bank server is encrypted and the exchange of information is secured by a unique one-time password (OTP) generated by the application upon every action of the customer– check of account, transfer, etc.

Many useful functions

The application’s locator leads you to the closest ATM or branch of UniCredit. In addition, you can find a phone number and working hours and get directions for every branch. You can quickly and easily calculate the exchange rates of main currencies using the currency convertor.

Time and money saving

The mobile banking is fast and convenient.You no longer have to visit a branch and consider the working hours. Slide the display to the right and check the incomes on your account. To see all expenses, slide to the left. You can make transfers by touching the screen only a few times. In addition, the price of a transaction via mobile banking is three times lower than that of the same transfer performed at a branch of the bank.

Wide availability

You can install the application on every mobile phone or tablet with an iOS or Android operational system or on smartphones running Windows Phone. The only requirement is having access to the Internet or a wireless WiFi network and the user should often update with latest version of the application to take advantage of all new functions.

How could I become a client

Activation of the application, except in a branch of the bank, can be done remotely for customers with debit cards in a few easy steps, completely free of charge and without visiting a bank branch. If you need further assistance for Bulbank Mobile you can contact the Call Center at 15 333 for local and mobile operators.

Bulbank Mobile

The mobile banking application Bulbank Mobile allows you to keep track of your current account balance, make transfers and pay bills directly through your phone or tablet. To install it completely free download the app from your app store for Android or iOS.