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Order transfers, track account balance, pay for electricity, water, internet and much more! Learn what you can do with your Bulbank Mobile, wherever you are.


Become a client

Become a client of UniCredit Bulbank remotely! With our remote process, you can open an account wherever you are in just a few minutes and without having to visit a bank branch.

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M-token is an application, part of Bulbank Mobile, which generates unique codes for signing payments and orders in online banking Bulbank Online.

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Home screen

You have basic information about the banking products you use and you have quick and easy access to all the functionalities of the application.

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Check the status of your accounts from the phone! With Bulbank Mobile you keep track of traffic details, see received transfers and payments made in seconds.

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Track information on your debit and credit cards, such as availability, completed transactions, current obligations, etc. Add your cards to a digital wallet, receive dynamic passwords for online payments, block and activate your cards and more!

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Be informed about your consumer, mortgage or commodity loan 24/7 with Bulbank Mobile! In the application you have information such as - date and amount of the next installment, residual amount of the loan, history of the repayments made so far.

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Savings and investments

With the mobile banking you get quick and simple access to the details of your savings and investments! With just a few clicks you can remotely check the current value of the investment, the total amount invested and the realized return so far.

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Through Bulbank Mobile you make various payments in seconds! Through the application you can order transfers between your personal accounts, intrabank and interbank transfers, payment of utility bills.

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Product request

Take advantage of the remote application of products through Bulbank Mobile. Through the application you can apply for a consumer loan, request a new debit card with the possibility of delivery to your desired address, Amundi savings plan and others.

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And much more

Take advantage of the numerous banking opportunities that the application gives you.

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Help Center

How to make money transfers?

Need to send money to a friend or want to transfer money between your own accounts? See how you can do this in a few steps.

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How can I activate M-token?

Ensure yourself with peace of mind and convenience when signing payments and transactions in Bulbank Online with M-token by installing it now.

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How can I get dynamic password for online payments?

Do you shop online and need a dynamic password to complete your payment? See how to get it.

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