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Advantages of M-token

You authorize transactions using only your phone. You use Bulbank Online through all Internet browsers without the need for other settings. You work offline and use M-token for free.

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Advantages of M-token

One-time password (OTP)

When you use the Bulbank Online service, you will need a one-time password. It is used for additional authorization and is generated each time when logging into Bulbank Online from the M-token application.

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One-time password (OTP)

Signature code

Each payment in Bulbank Online requires to enter a signature code, generated by the M-token application. The token codes are unique codes and they contain encrypted information for the respective payment. This guarantees your maximum level of safety and protection.

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Signature code

Help Center

How to make money transfers?

Need to send money to a friend or want to transfer money between your own accounts? See how you can do this in a few steps.

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How can I activate M-token?

Ensure yourself with peace of mind and convenience when signing payments and transactions in Bulbank Online with M-token by installing it now.

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How can I get dynamic password for online payments?

Do you shop online and need a dynamic password to complete your payment? See how to get it.

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