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Documents for loans

Declarations for relatedness, marital and property status, liabilities, environmental and safety.

Documents for loans

This Declaration contains (1) the persons to which the Loan Applicant is a related person within the meaning of §1, item 4 and item 5 of the Credit Institutions Act, and (2) the credit indebtedness of the Borrower within the meaning of Ordinance No22 on the Central Credit Register.

Declaration of relatedness

This Declaration contains circumstances in relation to the marital status and the property status of an individual.

Declaration of marital and property status

This Declaration contains circumstances in relation to the existence or absence of public liabilities of individuals and legal entities.

Declaration of public liabilities

This Declaration contains circumstances related to environmental protection, and to ensuring health and safety at the workplace.

Declaration environmental and safety

In this declaration, circumstances shall be indicated (incl. revenues and assets) in connection with the scope of the business relationships, which the Borrower directly or indirectly has or may have with “significantly sanctioned countries".

Client's business activities

* Apart from the listed documents, the Bank reserves the right to request additional ones, too, including documents in compliance with the applicable legislation and the General Terms and Conditions for opening, servicing and closing of bank accounts of legal entities and sole traders and for providing payment services.

** Please turn to a bank employee for consultation about any other type of documents that you do not find here.