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Factoring is a management tool for short-term receivables from customers. It optimizes your working capital needs through professional management and financing of receivables and provides protection against non-payment.

It is applicable for receivables from customers in the domestic and international market. It is based on the assignment of ownership (cession) of receivables from a supplier to a factoring company and does not require any additional collateral.

UniCredit Bulbank offers a complete set of factoring services and is capable of providing customized solutions according to the specific needs of your business.

UniCredit Factoring


When is Factoring Useful?


  • You operate or intend to operate on deferred payment conditions.
  • You need fresh working capital.
  • You need financing but do not have the necessary collateral to secure it.


  • Your customers want a deferred payment but you are concerned about the additional risks.
  • You are using credit protection for your receivables but are looking for a better alternative.
  • You are planning to enter new markets.
  • You are delivering abroad and looking for credit protection in order to be able to offer more competitive working conditions.


  • Your customers are increasing in number and you want to cut down on the time and effort associated with debt recovery.
  • You are exporting your products to several markets and you need to constantly comply with legal and cultural differences.
  • You want to focus more on doing business.

What is eFactoring?


eFactoring is the first fully electronic portal for factoring on the Bulgarian market:

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