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Foreign Exchange Markets

Foreign Exchange Markets


  • For all amounts exceeding or equal to € 10,000 (or its equivalent in other currency):
    The foreign exchange rate of the specific transaction may be negotiated directly with Corporate Treasury Sales Unit

  • Competitive exchange rates and spreads

  • User-friendly interface for FX deal confirmation via the electronic banking systems

  • The most comprehensive range of foreign currencies on the local market

  • The most experienced Corporate Treasury Sales team on the local market, dedicated to serve customer needs and support their businesses

What is it

The Foreign exchange spot transaction is an agreement between the bank and its client to exchange a given amount of one currency against another, at a certain exchange rate. It can take the form of a cash or non-cash transaction. A non-cash transaction is possible between two accounts at UniCredit or international/interbank payments when the receiving account is not with UniCredit.

Foreign exchange transactions can also be carried out through the UniCredit Bulbank electronic systems.

UniCredit Bulbank, being a leader on the Bulgarian interbank foreign exchange market, ensures foreign exchange services to its clients at no additional charge under competitive market conditions.

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Whom is it suitable for

  • Clients from all banking segments

  • All bank customers who execute their business in foreign currencies and are exposed to exchange rate fluctuations

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