UniCredit Shopping Card

  • Contactless credit card With a payment deferral functionality for purchases exceeding BGN 100 in installments over a period up to 36 months
  • Promotional monthly interest rate 1.35% for payments at merchant outlets, on the Internet or cash withdrawals at ATMs
  • Promotional annual service fee BGN 0 for the first 2 years; after this period - reduced to BGN 25
  • Minimum repayment installment 3% of the credit limit or total current due amount
  • Credit limit from BGN 500 to BGN 10,000
UniCredit Shopping Card

How it works?

You can easily and conveniently use your UniCredit Shopping Card for installment purchases in merchant outlets as well as online with equal monthly installments.

When you choose to make a deferred payment in 3 installments on a POS terminal of the bank, you pay 0% fee.

Example: You have 1,000 BGN credit limit on your UniCredit Shopping Card and you make 3 purchases in the month in which you make a deferral of payments for different periods.







When making a payment of the total amount due of all monthly installments of your deferred purchases, no interest will be charged on them.

*When making a purchase for BGN 120, with a deferral in 3 installments on a POS terminal of the bank with 0% fee for a deferral of payment, the monthly installment is BGN 40 and APR is 0%; APR is 0% on the condition that the purchase shall be repaid in 3 installments, as agreed.



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Credit limit

from BGN 500 to BGN 10,000



Time limit for issuing

Standard - within 5 working days

Card validity

4 years

Interest rate

1.35% for payments at merchant outlets, on the Internet or cash withdrawals at ATMs

Annual fee

Promotional BGN 0 for the first 2 years, after this period - reduced to BGN 25

Annual expense ratio

Example: 17.46% with a repayment term of 12 months, utilized loan limit of BGN 1,000, monthly installment - 9% of the amount of the utilized limit and a monthly interest rate of 1.35%

Deferral of payment

At the time of purchase on POS terminals of UniCredit Bulbank or later on in Bulbank Mobile or Bulbank Online.

Minimum repayment amount

3% of the authorized credit limit or total current due amount

Grace period

up to 45 days for purchases at a POS terminal device

Due date

Between the 1st and the 15th day of the month

Blocking/ Activating a card

You manage the status of your card for free on your own via Bulbank Mobile

24/7 Call center

In case you have any questions or experienced an incident related to your card - 0700 184 84

More information

How can I make a deferral of payment and for what period of time?

1. At the time of purchase on a POS terminal of the bank if it has such functionality. When making a deferral of payment for a purchase for 3 months, you will benefit from a preferential fee – 0%, and for any other period, a fee for deferral will be charged in accordance with the Tariff of the Bank for individuals, which is calculated as a percentage from the purchase price, depending on the chosen number of installments. The fee will be withheld from the limit together with the purchase price and will be paid in equal parts together with each monthly installment. See the list of merchants that offer the possibility to make installment purchases on a POS terminal.

2. Via Bulbank Mobile or Bulbank Online after making a purchase on a POS terminal of any bank. The purchase can be deferred only in the month in which it was booked.

What is the term for deferral?

A particular purchase can be deferred in installments after its registration in Bulbank Mobile or Bulbank Online within the same accounting period.

Can I defer payment of a purchase if it was made at a POS terminal device of another bank?

Yes, via Bulbank Online or Bulbank Mobile.

What are the possible periods for payment deferral?

When you defer a payment, you can select one of the following periods: 3, 6, 9, 10, 12, 18, 24, 36 months.

Is it possible to defer any payment?

You can defer payments made with UniCredit Shopping card exceeding BGN 100.

The transactions that cannot be deferred are:

  • Cash withdrawal at an ATM
  • Cash back
  • Betting transactions
  • Transactions at a POS terminal device at a casino

How can I activate the card?

1. When receiving the card in a branch of the bank:

Insert the card in the ATM of the Bank and select from the menu “Other Services” and then “Manage PIN” and “Change PIN”. Enter the PIN, provided in the envelope, and then twice enter the new PIN; after selecting “Confirm”, your card will be active.

2. When getting your card delivered to your specified address:

Log in to Bulbank Mobile, find the inactive card and select the option “Card Activation”. Enter the verification code from the enclosed letter and the PIN will be visualized on the screen; your card is now active.


Upon performing a bank card transaction on a real or virtual device abroad in a currency different from the currency of the card account, the transaction amount shall be converted in an amount for sending the financial output of the executed transaction from the Acquiring Bank of the merchant that has accepted the payment to the Card Issuing Bank at the exchange rate of the International Card Organization (ICO), VISA or Mastercard applied on the day of sending. UniCredit Bulbank AD shall book the transaction on the Client’s account where the sent amount debiting the Client’s account shall be converted in an amount in the currency of the account at the respective buy/sell exchange rate of UniCredit Bulbank AD applied on the day of booking the transaction (which may be different from the day of sending the payment). The currency of the amount of the sent payment transaction is USD (for payments made in US dollars) and EUR (for all other payments). UniCredit Bulbank AD does not apply any additional fees in case of revaluation of the bank card transactions.

Security Tips

Take care of your financial security by following a few simple rules when using your card.

PLUS Programme

PLUS Programme is specifically developed for all customers using credit and debit bank cards. Your participation in the programme gives you an opportunity to automatically collect points with card purchases in merchant outlets our partner network. 

The collected points can be used for purchase of goods and services in the whole partner network.
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