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Investment plan

Start saving for your dreams, regularly and in small amounts - a new home, education or your golden years. 

With an investments plan from UniCredit Bulbank, you'll invest your money in the ‘onemarkets Fund’.

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Investment plan

What is an Investments Plan?

An Investments Plan is a modern solution for anyone who wants to set aside money to achieve a specific goal - a trip, a car, children's education, etc.

The funds are invested in the ‘onemarkets Fund’, with the opportunity to achieve good returns with minimal risk by purchasing shares at different prices.

Why an investments plan with the onemarkets Fund?

  • Investments of small amounts in leading global companies.
  • Individual solutions tailored  to the client’s needs with a wide selection  choice of investment funds.
  • Ability to achieve good returns with minimal risk by purchasing shares across a range of prices.
  • Professional management of invested funds.

What are the advantages?




You determine the date of contributions.



Automatic transfer from your personal account.



A good return at minimal risk.

Bulbank Mobile


You can check the current status of your investments plan using Bulbank Mobile.


UCB-Infografiki-Standarten-plan-Chart-EN-01-02-2024.png UCB-Infografiki-Standarten-plan-chart-txt-EN-01-2024.png





*The illustration represents a simulation of an investment in MSCI World based on real historical data for the period January 2019 to December 2023 with a monthly contribution of EUR 50. At the end of the period, the depositor would have EUR 3,626. The amount shown at the end of the period does not include the one-off opening fee for the specific investments plan of EUR 50.70

*Past performance of the Funds does not necessarily reflect future Fund performance. The value of investments and income from them can go up or down. There is no guarantee of a profit and at a risk that investors may not recover the full amount of their investment. The information is for illustrative purposes only and is not advice on dealing in financial instruments. Each investor is considered as making his/her own  decision to invest and/or enter into other transactions in units within the Fund. UniCredit Bulbank AD does not provide investment advice.

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Responsible investing

Потребителски кредит  With the onemarkets Fund, we offer a unique range of investment solutions that are managed by UniCredit experts or with carefully selected premier external fund companies, such as Amundi, Allianz Global Investors, BlackRock, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, Pictet, Pimco.


Овърдрафт  Responsible investing is fully integrated into the strategy of the mutual funds we offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mutual funds are the most widely used form of savings and investment in the world. Investors have access to global financial markets and the companies that participate in them. The main advantages of mutual funds include:

  • transparency and professional investment management;
  • risk diversification;
  • access to your funds when needed.

At UniCredit Bulbank we offer a wide range of investment funds with different strategies, risk levels and recommended objectives: conservative, balanced, and dynamic funds. If you are interested, send an inquiry and an expert from the bank will contact you.

The mutual funds offered by UniCredit Bulbank invest in the shares and/or bonds of leading global companies.



Regardless of the stage of life you are in, saving money always seems a good idea. Here are some tried-and-tested practices for faster and easier keeping of a savings account.


A remote process:

  • Easily and without visiting the Bank;
  • Fill in a short online form;
  • An expert of ours will contact you in order to answer all of your questions;
  • Complete the process entirely remotely.

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