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Secure Wallet Insurance

Ensure financial protection for your bank account with a card in case of unforeseen situations with an insurance policy specially created by Allianz Bulgaria for UniCredit Bulbank customers.

  • Possibility to fill in and file claims quickly and easily
  • Monthly payment of the insurance premium upon request of a new /Start, Plus, Max/ daily banking plan




Secure Wallet Insurance


With Secure Wallet Insurance you get additional protection for:


  • Your bank card from financial losses as a result of its improper use
  • Purchases paid with your card

  • Lost or stolen personal documents, wallet, bag and keys
  • Personal life insurance cover


Subject of insurance


The insurance provides financial protection due to unforeseen events, such as theft, robbery and loss of keys, wallet, bag (including the bank card), financial abuse and much more.



This insurance is valid worldwide.

Term of insurance


The insurance is concluded for an indefinite period at the customer's request.

Insurance premium


The insurance is available with an annual or monthly premium (only upon request for a new Start, Plus or Max daily banking plan).

Frequently asked questions

Secure Wallet Insurance provides you with financial protection against unforeseen events, such as robbery and loss of keys, wallet, bag (along with the bank card), financial abuse and theft.

The total annual amount payable under the insurance for each insurance period is BGN 24. It is payable in 12 equal monthly installments or in a lump sum payment.

Any individual with an active current account, a UniCredit Bulbank customer, can benefit from Secure Wallet insurance.

The compensation depends on the coverage for which it will apply. The risks can be found in the pre-contractual information.

The maximum amount of coverage for an annual insurance period:

  • Bank card up to BGN 300
  • Lost/stolen personal documents, wallet, bag up to BGN 350
  • Replacement of keys up to BGN 500
  • Purchase protection up to BGN 1,500.

Personal coverage:

Fatality due to an accident up to BGN 4 000.

Fatality due to illness up to BGN 4 000.

Conclusion of insurance

For more information about the conclusion and terms and conditions of Secure Wallet Insurance, you can visit any bank branch of UniCredit Bulbank, send an online request or a separate request for a new daily banking plan through Bulbank Mobile.



If you are a UniCredit Bulbank customer, you can conclude Secure Wallet insurance entirely online through Bulbank Mobile banking app:


  1. Log in to Bulbank Mobile and open the Request menu.
  2. Select Plans and the offer that best suits your needs.
  3. Add Secure Wallet Insurance and follow the steps.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the documents and sign them electronically.