Mortgage Loan for Customers without Permanent Residence in the Country

Buy the desired property with the help of mortgage loan for customers without permanent residence in the country.

  • Financing of Bulgarian and foreign citizens without permanent residence in the country
  • No fee for early repayment after the first year of the loan term
  • No fee for issue of mortgage certificate
  • No requirement for submission of Life Insurance by the loan applicant
  • Instalments determined on the basis of your abilities and preferences
  • Quick response





Funding rate

Up to 70% of the property market value and opportunity for the customer to be either liable with all his property or to be liable only to the amount of the provided collateral.


  • Financing of residential property purchase
  • Refinancing of similar target loans


Up to 25 years



Interest rate

Annual interest rate formed by reference interest rate representing market interest rate index for the relevant currency* increased by a fixed margin.

*Interest index for the respective currency - ADI for BGN, EURIBOR for EUR, LIBOR for USD, GBP, CHF, or another different maturity index.

Type of instalments

Equal monthly instalments (annuity) and decreasing monthly instalments.


  • Property mortgage
  • Financial collateral arrangements
  • Property insurance of the collateral
  • Deposit of 3/6 instalments on an account opened with the Bank

Frequency of repayment


Method of interest calculation

Actual number of days / 360

Frequency of absorption

One-off payment or payment in instalments in accordance with the agreed absorption plan.

Need for Life Insurance

At the discretion of the borrower

Need for Property Insurance



Requirements and Documents

What are the requirements that must be met?

  • Service of at least 1 year.
  • You must repay your current loans on a regular basis.
  • First-rank mortgage on the immovable property used as collateral.

Required documents

  • Loan application
  • Appendix 1 to loan application
  • Documents required in connection with consideration of the loan application


How to apply?

  1. Visit the nearest branch of Unicredit Bulbank and discuss the options with our consultant.
  2. Fill in loan application for individuals.
  3. Prepare the documents which the consultant has determined as necessary for execution of the specific transaction.
  4. Then a view of the property is made and market assessment is prepared. The related costs are paid by the loan applicant.
  5. The loan application is reviewed by the bank.
  6. Upon approval of the loan application loan agreement is signed and the related charges must be paid.


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