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Mortgage loan for young families

Think about your dream home now with our super mortgage offer for young people and families! 

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Mortgage loan for young families

The purchase of one's own home is one of the most important steps in a person's life. We support those who are starting their own journey now.

The dream of owning your own home is more accessible than ever with a mortgage loan from UniCredit Bulbank!

Young couples under the age of 35 who live as a family or are married.

We know that for people in the early years of their careers, buying a home is a difficult moment, having to come up with significant self-contribution funds and covering the costs associated with the transaction.

That's why we created a mortgage loan specifically aimed at young couples and families. It includes preferential terms with minimal deductibles and initial costs, as well as the option of a long repayment term, tailored to your preferences for monthly installment.

Features of the loan

Maximum funding amount


up to 100%* of the property's valuation (maximum up to EUR 250,000)

Long term of the loan


up to 35 years

Possibility for reduced installments


in the first year with a grace period on the principal of up to 12 months

Minimum deductible

5% of the price of the prior contract

Possibility for tax preferences


for interest paid during the year

Age of the loan applicant


up to 35 years

All granted mortgage loans for young families until 30.04.2024 will be exempt from initial fees and the bank will cover the notary fees for the transaction in the amount of up to BGN 1,500. 

*Over 85% and up to 100% inclusive of the property's valuation is financed for the purchase of housing in the following cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Ruse. If the property is not located in the specified cities, the standard conditions for a mortgage loan a valid. The conditions are also valid for construction stages pof the building at Act 14 and 15.

Advantages of the loan for young couples and families


Mortgages.png Minimal expenses and deductibles for the purchasing

Transactions.png Possibility for rescheduling of the installment in the first year

Time.png Long period of loan repayment up to 35 years

Documets.png Tax preferences and reliefs 

Want to obtain more information about mortgage loans for young families? Fill out a short online form and a bank expert will contact you as soon as possible.


Online consultation


You can also receive information on the telephone *2274 or by visiting the nearest UniCredit Bulbank branch.

Frequently asked questions

The maximum allowable amount of the loan is up to EUR 250,000. In case the value of the property is higher, it will be necessary to pay the difference either with own funds or through additional financing.

The tax relief for young families can be used if the following conditions are met: The person has no unpaid tax liabilities; the mortgage loan agreement must be concluded by the taxable person and/or spouse with whom they have a civil marriage; the taxable person and/or the spouse have not reached the age of 35 on the date of conclusion of the mortgage loan; the mortgaged home is the only home for the family during the year. Tax reliefs are available only on the interest paid during the year. It is necessary to submit an annual tax declaration under Art. 50 of the Law of Personal Income Tax, and to the declaration shall be attached a reference from the creditor bank on the amount of mortgage interest paid during the year for the first BGN 100,000 of the principal.

Yes. If you receive your income in an account of another bank, it will be necessary to transfer the payment of your salary to your UniCredit Bulbank account when concluding the loan agreement.

No, it is not possible. The two persons are required to participate in both the loan and the contract for property purchase.

The minimum gross income of at least one of the applicants (the main applicant or spouse/partner) must be no less than BGN 2 565.

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