“Recommend and Save Money” Program

A friend or a relative of yours is interested in a mortgage loan? Recommend us to him/her and save from the last interest payment on your loan and he/she will save from fees.


It's simple to give a reference and save money!

We know that the recommendation from a friend is the most valuable. That’s why we created the “Recommend and Save Money” Program which gives you the opportunity to help a friend or a relative with their choice of a loan and a financial institution, and by doing so you receive a deserved bonus up to BGN 400. 

If you have a mortgage loan with us and a friend of yours is also interested in one, recommend UniCredit Bulbank to him/her and we will make a one-off reimbursement between 50% and 100% (up to BGN 400) of the monthly interest payment on your loan and your friend will save 50% of the fee for documenting the mortgage collateral.

What exactly will you receive?

If the person you have recommended UniCredit Bulbank to is approved for a mortgage loan by us and utilizes it, you will receive from us a one-off reimbursement for the respective month as follows*:

  • 100% of the monthly interest payment on your mortgage loan (up to BGN 400) provided the loan amount of the client you have referred is at least 70% of the outstanding debt on your loan.


  • 50% of the monthly interest payment on your mortgage loan (up to BGN 400) provided the loan amount of the client you have referred is lower than 70% of the outstanding debt on your loan.

In case you have more than one loan, the bank will reimburse the interest payment on the loan with the highest outstanding debt.

What will your friend receive?

  • He/she will save 50% of the fee for documenting the collateral for your mortgage loan compared to the current tariff for the bank's personal income as of the date of loan disbursement, which amount can amount to up to BGN 400.
  • An appropriate consultation and full assistance during the whole process – from the application phase to the utilization of the mortgage loan;
  • Transparent and competitive conditions for a mortgage loan, tailored to his/her capacity and requirements

What do you need to do?

  • Recommend UniCredit Bulbank to a relative, a friend or an acquaintance who is interested in a mortgage loan.
  • The friend that you have referred needs to apply for a mortgage loan at the bank. Then, when submitting the request for a loan, he/she needs to indicate you as a referent to the bank employee.
  • The bank employee then shall take actions for processing of the reference in order for the due amount to be reimbursed to you.
  • If the referred person has an approved and utilized mortgage loan, you will be reimbursed the amount of one interest payment** (up to BGN 400) on your account with the bank.

Share with your relatives and friends the possibility for a new home through a mortgage loan from UniCredit Bulbank and you will definitely save an interest payment on your loan! 

Further information about the program can be received from the Call Centre at phone number 0700 1 84 84 or at the nearest branch of the bank.

*In order to receive a deduction from the interest payment up to BGN 400, it is required that at the time of approval of the reference you have no defaults on credit liabilities with UniCredit Bulbank (e.g. a consumer loan, a credit card, etc.).
**In case you have referred more than one client, you will be reimbursed as per the terms and conditions described above, for the interest payments for as many months as the number of the clients who have utilized a mortgage loan. This number shall be equal to the number of clients you have referred during the current month.

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