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Classic Deposit

It is a savings product for depositing free funds in a national or foreign currency for a period of 12 or 24 months.

  • On-line request and opening through Bulbank Mobile
  • No maintenance and service fee
  • Possibility for unlimited subsequent deposit of funds 

Classic Deposit


  • Term 12 or 24 months
  • Currency BGN/EUR/USD
  • Deposit interest 

Chart Icon Interest rate bulletin

  • Minimum opening amount BGN 2 000 or EUR/USD 1 000
  • Possibility of automatic renewal for the same term



1. In Bulbank Mobile, from the Request a Product section select the Classic deposit.

2. Enter the parameters you want – term, currency, amount and funding account.

3. Familiarize yourself with the documents and go through the details of the request.

4. Sign the contract with a free qualified electronic signature* QES.

5. The deposit account will be added with active rights to the Savings and Investments section on the home screen in Bulbank Mobile.**

*The opening is done with a qualified electronic signature issued by Eurotrust Technologies AD and provided by UniCredit Bulbank AD.

**The account will be opened during the standard business hours of the Bank and automatically added to your Bulbank Mobile.


You can also open a Classic term deposit in a branch of UniCredit Bulbank that is convenient to you.

Frequently asked questions

A deposit is a bank savings product, which provides a way to store free funds, subject to reimbursement by the account holder’s bank under previously agreed conditions.

The most popular types are term deposits, children’s deposits and pensioner’s deposits. They also differ in the interest accrual method; there are some with fixed or floating interest rate, with increasing interest rate, with advance payment of the interest and so on.

A deposit account is also a bank account which stores funds, payable on a specified (maturity) date or in accordance with other previously agreed terms and conditions with the possibility of paying additional interest. In other words, a deposit account is opened for a pre-determined period and, in most cases, there is a limit to the funds allowed to be subsequently deposited and/or withdrawn. A savings account, unlike the deposit account, is opened for an indefinite period of time, in other words, it is with unlimited duration, and the disposal of the funds on it is free.

The interest rate is according to the Bank’s current Interest Bulletin for the Classic term deposit, which you can find above.

Yes, you can do it by visiting a branch of the Bank. Please not that the use of funds from the Classic term deposit before the maturity date is considered a violation of the terms and condition of the deposit and the Bank does not pay interest for the period, if such has been agreed. In case funds are used, the terms and conditions are renewed according to those in effect at the moment.

In the event of withdrawal of funds from the deposit before or on the maturity date, a withdrawal fee is due in accordance with the current Bank's Tariff for individuals.

You have the option to pay additional amounts at any time by transferring funds from another account or between personal accounts via an electronic channel, as well as at a cash desk in a branch of the Bank, and this is not considered a violation to the terms and conditions of the deposit.

The account will be opened and added automatically in the mobile banking application during the Bank’s standard business hours. In the event the opening is done outside business hours, the account will be opened and visible in Bulbank Mobile on the first business day.