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Find the best loan for the investment or working capital needs of your business.



Short-term loan for financing working capital needs with a fixed limit and term utilized via a current account

Project Financing

Specialized lending of the self-contained investment cycle of a project company.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Specialised lending for acquisition or development of real estate.

Corporate structured financing

Complex credit transactions for large enterprises, where a complete financing package is structured to meet the company's full set of funding needs.

Acquisition Leveraged financing

Acquisition Leveraged Finance is in general a non-recourse complex credit transactions for the acquisition of a target company.

Receivables Discount Financing

Short-term loan to finance working capital needs regarding payments under invoices

Standard Investment Loan

Long-term loans for financing pre-defined investment needs with a fixed duration and amount

Standard Working Capital Loan

Short-term loan for financing working capital needs with a predefined purpose and repayment schedule

Revolving Loan for Working Capital

Short-term loan for financing working capital needs with a predetermined purpose

Conditional Loan

Loan facility where the bank undertakes the risk in securing either issuing of bank guarantees or letters of credit

Fixed Advance Credit Line

Short-term loan to finance the need of working capital with a predetermined purpose.

Multipurpose Credit Lines

Combination of working capital loan, conditional loan and credit cards limit.

List of eligible external evaluators of loan collateral.