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Risk sharing scheme, provided jointly with the EIB - expired program*

The scheme offers the opportunity for working capital and investment financing for intermediate and large companies through the support of the guarantee mechanism of the EIB and the financial help of the Pan-European Guarantee Fund (EGF), created in response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Risk sharing scheme, provided jointly with the EIB - expired program*


  • Fast approval procedure
  • Easy access to financing
  • Lower interest rate levels


Total portfolio of Unicredit Bulbank


EUR 80 000 000

75% guarantee coverage


from the European Investment Bank

Maximum amount of loans


up to EUR 20 000 000 

Application deadline


to 31.12.2022

Maximum loan maturity


72 months

Types of loans

  • Investment loans
  • Multipurpose credit lines (including investment and working capital loan)
  • Standard loans for working capital with repayment schedule
  • Revolving loans
  • Overdrafts


Who is it suitable for?

  • Big enterprises with minimum of 3000 employees
  • Medium enterprises with minimum of 250 and less than 3000 employees. It is also suitable for companies with less than 250 employees which have annual turnover of over EUR 50 000 000 and an annual amount of assets over EUR 43 000 000.

How to Apply?

In case of interest for inclusion in the guarantee scheme, for eligibility check and additional information for individual offers, you can contact your servicing banker or you can request a call from an expert “European Funds” of UniCredit Bulbank through the application form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investment loans only for “mid-cap” companies, multipurpose credit lines, including only investment and working capital loans, standard loans for working capital with repayment schedule, revolving loans, including by settling obligations, arising from a letter of credit, overdrafts.

  • Speculative investment activities and speculative deals with real estate.
  • Activities which are in discrepancy with national law, including the Environmental Protection Act.
  • Other banned from the law activities.
  • Connected with fraud, illegal activities and other similar practices, checked in accordance with internal rules and procedures of the bank and terms of the scheme.

Current loans under contracts concluded not earlier than 15.04.2021 may be included.

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