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Аggregated POS transactions

New functionality for your POS payments - convenient and fully digital. Now you can monitor all aggregated authenticated payments via POS with just a quick look.


Аggregated POS transactions


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What is Аggregated POS transactions?

New digital functionality that allows daily receipt of a statement of the authenticated payments via POS. The functionality provides the opportunity to aggregate on a daily basis the total volume of card transactions and charges at retailer or retail store base.

What are the benefits?

Aggregated POS transactions allow you - our legal entity customers to:


  • Receive an automatic report on a daily basis to identify transactions.
  • Reduce your account movements and processing.
  • Reduce paper usage.
  • Perform quick analytics at retailer or retail store base.
  • Optimize operational work on bank statements.

Who can use the service?

The Aggregated POS transactions functionality is designed for business clients with significant volume of POS payments.

What is the fee?

  • Monthly fee - based on usage and specifics of your business.
  • No application and inclusion fee.

How to request?

To use  Aggregated POS transactions service, please complete the form below.


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