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UniCredit Bulbank accepts orders for cash and non-cash payments and transfers, and maintains a payment system ensuring prompt and secure payments.



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Local Money Transfers

UniCredit Bulbank makes interbanking transfers in national and foreign currencies by using real time connection systems between its branches and the head office.

Transfers to and from other banks in BGN are made through BISERA and RINGS national payment systems within 1 hour or 1 day, depending on the selected value date.

International Money Transfers

UniCredit Bulbank executes transfers in all types of currencies to and from countries worldwide through a wide correspondent network. When making international money transfers we recommend using the bank’s form in order to get a better quality service and greater customer convenience.

The Bank executes international transfers in foreign and local currencies to and from any point in the world as requested by the customer:

  • Outgoing transfer within 1 working day (ТОМ value date)
  • Outgoing transfer with same day value date (upon consultation with a bank officer)

We provide maximum protection of interests of our customers. Therefore, we provide information about all possible options and help you choose the right one for you in each specific case. In terms of payment of costs of each transfer until it reaches the end recipient, there are three options:

All transfer expenses, including those of the Bank shall be borne by the recipient - where the recipient's account is kept in a bank outside the country of the European Economic Area (EEA), irrespective of the currency of payment.

All transfer related costs are borne by the remitter. In addition, he pays a fixed amount. This guarantees the receipt in full of the amount ordered and no additional costs from other banks involved in the payment chain.

Standard Payments

Executed by all branches of the bank. Besides transfers initiated in its branches, through the Bulbank Online system the customers can order transfers electronically.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your personal banker, visit the closest branch of UniCredit Bulbank or contact us.

All transfers and payments to and from other banks in Bulgaria and abroad are made in strict abidance by all laws and regulations issued by the relevant regulatory authorities.


Documents Required for the Execution of Currency Transfers and Payments

For payment of amounts up to EUR 15 000 or their equivalent in another currency

  • Transfer order (form)

For payments in foreign currency exceeding EUR 15 000 or their equivalent in another currency

  • Transfer order (form)
  • Declaration Attachment to Article 2, para. 1 of Article 2, para. 1 of the Ordinance on the Information and Documents Submitted to Payment Service Providers in Executing Third Party Cross-border Transfers and Payments (form)
  • Documents evidencing the grounds for transfer – contracts, invoices, etc. for countries outside the EEA.

Note: In accordance with provisions of the Law on Measures against Money Laundering, when executing transactions or deals worth up to EUR 15 000 or their equivalent in another currencyor over EUR 5000 or their equivalent in another currency, when the account from which the payment will be made is credited by cash, the persons (bank customers) shall declare the origin of these funds. To that end the Bank requires from them to fill out a declaration (an integral part of the cross-border transfer form) under Article 4, para. 7 and Article 6, para. 5, item 3 of the LMML (standard form) before executing the respective transaction or deal, except in cases provided for by law.

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