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Online securities trading in Bulbank Online

The “Investments and Markets “ tab as part of Bulbank Online, provides the opportunity to place orders for securities buy and sell and to check and keep track of the orders and transactions from your wallet.

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Online securities trading in Bulbank Online


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About the product

The functionality provides opportunity for remotely placing orders to buy or sell securities trought active profile in Bulbank Online. The menu"Investments and Markets" must be activated in your profile in the online banking to have the opportunity to:

  • Place orders for securities buy and sell: shares and bonds on financial markets in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • Check and keep track of your orders/ transactions and the details of your securities portfolio;
  • Have an overview of the BSE-Sofia AD/Bulgarian Stock Exchange/.


The main advantages of the new digital functionality are:

  • Place orders online to buy/sell shares/bonds at BSE /Bulgarian Stock Exchange/ and international stock markets for which the bank uses brokers;
  • Fast access to informaion about your wallet of securities and placed orders;
  • The opportunity to compare the prices
  • Information about the securities of the BSE /Bulgarian Stock Exchange/;
  • The reliability of the bank’s informational infrastructure.


  • We offer to our clients to place orders for securities buy and sell: shares and bonds on regulated markets through digital channel;
  • The menu "Investments and Markets" is available every workday from 8:30 to 17:30;
  • The module gives the opportunity of placing orders remotly, but it is not a trading platform. All placed orders are subject to further processing by a broker of UniCredit Bulbank;
  • You can place market and / or limited order. For BSE /Bulgarian Stock Exchange/ you can also place "iceberg" order.

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The functionality can be used by local and foreign individuals and legal entities, clients of UniCredit Bulbank.


To use the functionality you have to:

  • have an active user profile in Bulbank Online (as a Individual or Business client);
  • to visit a branch of the Bank just once in order to sign the necessary documents for the "Trade with securities" service through Bulbank Online.


When visiting a branch of the Bank, the client should:

  • Present an identity document;
  • Has signed a Contract for the provision of the service (individuals and legal entities) for Bulbank Online;
  • To have signed a Contract for Securities through Bulbank Online (the agreement cannot be concluded remotely, but only at a branch);
  • To have signed a frame contract for brokerage services with an annex for Online (for institutional and professional clients within the meaning of MFIA and its implementing acts);
  • To have signed a Contract for maintenance of a securities account;
  • To have MIFID profile;
  • To have QES or M-token;
  • In case he has a power of attourney of a legal entity, he should present this power of attorney verified by notary in accordance with the requirements of Article 25 of Order № 38 of the FSC on the requirements for the activity of investment intermediaries.
  • To have valid LEI Code - for legal entities.


Always one order is submitted / signed by only one representative of the company. The others authorize this representative to submit orders in the Module for better efficiency and speed with power of attorney explicitly verified by notary, in accordance with the requirements of Article 25 of Order № 38 of the FSC on the requirements for the activities of investment intermediaries.

Not all representatives should be subscribed to Bulbank Online. It follows that the person who will submit orders has concluded contracts with the bank for Bulbank Online and for submitting orders for securities trading. In the case of representatives of the company, who always act together, there should be an explicit notarized power of attorney, in accordance with the requirements of Article 25 of Order № 38 of the FSC on the requirements for the activities of investment intermediaries.

Yes, it is possible to place orders for the buy/ sell of certain ETFs depending on the market in which they are traded and whether settlement with the respective issue is possible. At the moment, it is not possible to purchase new positions from US ETF’s due to legal restrictions of the European regulations for trading in such instruments.

Only issues traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) are visualized in the Market overview.

 Yes, the list is published in the module "Investments and Markets", visible on the first page at the log-in to the Module and at the following link, too.

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