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Green Financing

In support of companies in Bulgaria for sustainable development and green future.

We support companies in Bulgaria to reduce their overall costs and energy consumption with new financing options. By moving to low-carbon sustainable business models, we implement the transition towards change.

Green Financing


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Emission reduction


Energy efficiency


Low carbon transport


Recycling and circular economy

What is green financing?


UniCredit Bulbank has a leading role in the development of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the sustainable financial sector. The main strategy of the Bank is the creation of long-term value and impact.

"Green" financing is a loan or investment that supports environmentally friendly activities, such as consumption of resources acquired in a sustainable way, projects related to the circular economy, building infrastructure, switching to electric vehicles or improving the energy efficiency of buildings and production facilities. 

Through such financial incentives, the Bank helps its clients reduce the environmental footprint of their activities, improve lifestyles and businesses by building greener investments.

"Green" financing is a major focus of public attention and investing in green alternatives is an essential part of UniCredit Bulbank's strategy.


  • Opportunity to finance large and complex projects. You can finance the purchase of the most suitable equipment/technologies for the production of energy from renewable energy sources (RES) for your project or invest in environmentally friendly means of transport with fast and flexible financing.
  • Opportunity to preserve capital for future investments. With leasing of electric cars - with no or low down payment, your capital is available to be invested in your business and in future ESG projects.
  • A positive effect in reducing energy costs for own consumption while reducing the carbon footprint. You can finance the purchase of the most suitable energy-efficient production equipment and/or technologies for your projectto produce energy from RES for your own needs.
  • Flexible repayment method according to the specifics of your business.
  • Possibility to co-finance projects with guarantee instruments and co-financing of projects under the Recovery Plan.


Financing from UniCredit Bulbank can support a wide range of investments in the field of energy efficiency and in the sector of energy production from RES - from small improvements to large-scale infrastructure.



Renewable energy sources

We offer flexible solutions to support investments in the field of energy production from RES, including large-scale and complex ones, providing clients with the confidence that their business initiatives in this aspect will be supported and structured by the experts with the longest experience and established professional expertise in the local banking market in relation to the Energy sector. See detailed information.

Financing projects to improve the energy efficiency of real estate


  • Explore the conditions for an investment loan for renovation and reconstruction of real estate for energy efficiency by at least 30% compared to the energy consumption before the investment.
  • Learn about the terms and conditions for an investment loan for the construction of a RES technology/installation to produce electricity for your own needs according to sales revenue.

For more information, contact your relationship manager.



 Financing projects to acquire or develop real estate



Specialized lending for financing the acquisition or construction of real estate. UniCredit focuses its efforts on making a positive and sustainable transition, and we encourage investment in income-generating, high-end real estate.

Each loan is structured according to the specific features of the project - purpose, expected revenue, term, development, sales or rental strategy. See detailed information.


Insurance for renewable energy sources



Whether it refers to photovoltaic plants, wind farms, biomass power plants or hydroelectric plants, they need protection against various types of risks. Natural disasters caused by climate change threaten infrastructure and have a significant impact on your business. UniCredit Insurance Broker can develop a plan to reduce possible risks for your company. Find out more and watch the video.


Electric cars



Secure your future and benefit from preferential terms and conditions for a better future without environmental pollution, easier engine maintenance and easy access without parking fees in the center of big cities. If you want to join the next generation of green transport, UniCredit Leasing will help you. UniCredit Insurance Broker also offers you a special insurance package. Find out more and watch the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ecological, social and government responsibility of UniCredit?

Answers to the most frequently questions about the ESG engagement of the organization you will find in the specially developed ESG questionnaire.

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