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Electric cars

Take advantage of the preferential conditions we offer for a better future without environmental pollution, easier engine maintenance and easy access to the center of big cities without parking fees.

Specially developed product for the purchase of electric cars through financial leasing.


Electric cars


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Opportunity for financing


without down payment

Repayment period


up to 6 years



interest conditions

Special insurance offer,


including assistance in case of lack of charge

Structuring personalised monthly installments,


by residual value at the end of the lease term

Additional discounts


and compliments for existing clients of UniCredit Bulgaria*

Quick and simplified application


 and approval procedure


*All current clients of UniCredit Leasing, UniCredit Bulbank, UniCredit Insurance Broker, UniCredit Fleet Management, UniCredit Factoring, UniCredit Consumer Financing.

Insurance offer

Electric cars, purchased through UniCredit Leasing need to have valid third party liability insurance and Casco insurance for the entire term of the lease agreement.

UniCredit Insurance Broker offers you:


  • special insurance package which includes:

- full Casco insurance

- third party liability insurance (for clients of UniCredit Bulbank the insurance is free)

  • 24/7 assistance in case of insurance event

  • repatriation of the electric vehicle to the nearest charging station in case of charge loss


UniCredit Insurance Broker can advise and assist in issuing insurance policies. The company has extensive professional experience in concluding a wide range of insurance and servicing claims in the event of an insurance event. The lessee may choose its preferred insurance company to which the insurance policies are to be underwritten.

Those who have gave up the past for a better future!

Those who have gave up the past for a better future!

Change to a more sustainable future starts with us! Watch the video with Kristian Andonov, Chief Sales Officer of UniCredit Leasing.

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