Tariff for individual clients

Tariff for individual clients, falling under the scope of the Consumer Credit Act

In force as of 01.10.2021

Article Description Cost

Fee for processing of documents (including leasing request)


2. Renegotiation of the terms of a signed lease contract by request of the Lessee
Processing of a request and/or signing an annex

0,5 % of the remaining exposition, but no less than 500.00 BGN

3. Change of a party to the lease contract, by request of the Lessee, without renegotiation of other terms in the contract 1% of the remaining exposition, but no less than 200.00 BGN
4. Change of an open-end lease contract to a closed-end lease contract (without VAT capitalization), by request of the Lessee, without renegotiation of other terms in the contract 1% of the remaining exposition, but no less than 200.00 BGN
5. Issuing a power of attorney  
5.1. For the first time to a lease contract free of charge
5.2. For each subsequent issuing 30.00 BGN

Registration of leasing/pledge contract, change of entered data and deletetion of  leasing/pledge contract in CRSP


Registration of leasing/pledge contract or change of entered data

No administrative fee. Due  fees: Fee for notarization of the application form according to the Tariff for the notary fees under LNNA and state fee, according to the TARIFF for the state fees collected by CRSP under the Special Pledges Act


Issuing of consent for deletion of leasing/pledge contract, without registration of the deletion in CRSP

No administrative fee. A notary fee is due according to the Tariff for notary fees under LNNA.


Issuing of consent for deletion of leasing/pledge contract and registration of contract deletion in CRSP

80.00 BGN**


Express issuing of consent for deletion and registration of deletion in the CRSP of a leasing / pledge contract within 2 working days after payment of the fee

95.00 BGN**

7. Registration of the RMV at the Traffic Police  

Registration executed by UCL or subcontracted third parties (Acquisition costs)


Registration of light vehicles

without transportation

with transportation


237.50 BGN

329.17 BGN

7.1.2. Registration of commercial vehicles, trailers and other towed equipment 204.17 BGN
7.1.3. Registration of motorcycle  

without transportation

150.00 BGN

with transportation

237.50 BGN

7.1.4. Registration - title change on documents, without presenting the RMV to the Traffic Police 145.83 BGN
7.1.5. Inspection regarding Casco insurance of a used RMV 35.00 BGN
7.1.6. Registration of user

80.00 BGN 


Registration of a user with enrollment of the vehicle in the Traffic Police, without changing the registration plate

108.33 BGN


Registration of a user with changing the registration plate

162.50 BGN 


Registration at the Regional Department of Argiculture

150.00 BGN

7.2. Re-registration of RMV at the Traffic Police  

Replacement of RMV registration document - part II due to loss, damage, or theft. Data correction in Traffic police/Regional Department of Agriculture

80.00 BGN




With change of plates

162.50 BGN 


With no change of plates

108.33 BGN


Notarized copy of the vehicle registration document

20.00 BGN

Deregistration /scrapping/ of a vehicle


Deregistration /scrapping/ of a vehicle due to total loss and/or theft - Traffic Police and Regional Department of Agriculture

80.00 BGN


Deregistration due to storage in a private property at the request of the client and with the consent of UCL ***

200.00 BGN

***the consent can be given when the leased object is fully repaid

7.4. Entry into service of RMV  
7.4.1. Entry into service without presenting the RMV to the Traffic Police 66.67 BGN

Entry into service with presenting the RMV to the Traffic Police

108.33 BGN

7.5. Fee for putting plates on RMV on-site outside of Traffic Police (applicable for 10 or more RMVs) 8.33 BGN

Registration with transit registration plates

100.00 BGN

8. Bank services/products costs According the Tariff off UniCredit Bulbank and the other banks participating in the respective operation 
9. Costs of acquisition/title transfer of a vehicle The applicable state, municipal and notary fees

Issuing a reference or an official document regarding the client's liabilities

25.00 BGN 

11. Penalty for payment delay The penalty for delay equals the legal interest for delay on the overdue amount
12. Penalty in case of early payment of financial lease contract /only in case of fixed interest rate/  
12.1. In case the remainder of the lease contract duration is up to 1 year 0.5% of the early paid amount
12.2. In case the remainder of the lease contract duration exceeds 1 year 1% of the early paid amount
13. Monthly penalty for delay in the title transfer of a lease asset due to the fault of the lessee 75.00 BGN
14. Penalty for failure to meet the obligation to acquire the title of the lease asset (in case of financial lease contract with title acquisition option) 5 % of the lease price
15. Penalty for failure to return of the leased asset 1/10 of the biggest contractual installment for each day of delay

Processing of documents, regarding administrative sanctions imposed on leasing object inside and outside of the territory of Republic Bulgaria



For administrative sanctions up to 49.99 BGN

10.00 BGN

For administrative sanctions exceeding 50.00 BGN inclusive

20.00 BGN
17. Monthly fee for sending of paper invoices and insurance polices 4.94 BGN
18. Change of a party to the repurchase agreement, by request of the Buyer 250.00 BGN

* UCL has the right and can charge and collect a fee for document processing at the start of the lease application. The amount of the fee is fixed and depends on the financed amount for the lease object. The specific amount of the applicable fee for document processing is specified in the offer and in the lease contract

**The fee includes an administrative service for preparation, notarization and registration of the application form in the CRSP, including the respective fees due to the notary and the CRSP.

  1. The present Tariff shall apply to the activities of UniCredit Leasing EAD.
  2. The fees set in the Tariff shall be due in the currency of the leasing contract; the payment may be made in the same currency or in Bulgarian leva according the terms of the leasing contract.
  3. The fees and commissions are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated.
  4. The fees and commissions provided in the present Tariff shall be valid for all cases where no other arrangements have been made. Separate fees and commissions shall be agreed for any specific services not included in the Tariff.
  5. The fees for notary certification of documents are calculated according the Tariff to the Notaries and Notary Activities Act and shall be at the expense of the lessee.
  6. All fees will be applied to the leasing contracts, as well as to all other agreements settling relations related to and/or deriving from any signed leasing contracts.
  7. The Tariff for legal entities shall apply to all individuals who are not covered by the scope of the Consumer Credit Act.

UCL = UniCredit Leasing
RMV = Road Motor Vehicle
CRSP = Central Registry of Special Pledges 

The present Tariff has been approved by the Management Board of UCL EAD.