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UniCredit Leasing financing via EU programs

Flexible financial solution for financing long term assets through European operative programmes.

The service is suitable for financing acquisition of agricultural equipment, machines, construction equipment, transport vehicles etc.

UniCredit Leasing financing via EU programs

Whom is it suitable for?

Bulgarian agricultural producers

Лизинг за физически лица


Лизинг за юридически лица

Legal entities


  • Fast and easy application process
  • Possibility of financing the VAT owed under the contract
  • Individual repayment plan according to the business' seasonality
  • Single payment for management fee
  • No fees in case of partial repayment with received direct payments under operative programs

Main Parameters

Type of asset

New Assets - agricultural equipment with or without registration in KAT (MoI)

Type of client

Bulgarian agricultural producers - Companies and registered private agricultural producers


From 6 to 60 months

Financing amount

Up to 85% of the delivery price, VAT excluded or

Up to 75% of the delivery price VAT included




Annual interest

Floating - 3М EURIBOR + margin for EUR financing

Floating - 3М SOFIBOR + margin for BGN financing


Possibility for fixed interest rate in EUR, based on specific quotation


Possibility for repayment on equal, annuity or seasonable instalments

Management fee

Upon agreement, % of the financing amount, one-off payment

Commitment fee


Percentage based on the unused part of the financing, determined upon agreement

Early repayment fee

No early repayment fee in case of repayment with funds from the Payment Agency of State Fund Agriculture

Other terms

  • Minimum principal : € 5 000 or equivalence in BGN
  • Insurance: Motor own damage insurance (Casco) or third party liability insurance for assets that are subject on registration in KAT. The contracts are signed with UCL through UCIB while the beneficiary is the credit beneficiary - State Fund Agriculture.
  • The client has applied financing request to SFA for measures 4.1 or sub measure 4.2 prior sign-off date of the financing contract.

How to Apply?

You can obtain more information in the most convenient office of UniCredit Leasing, as well in the partnership network of agricultural equipment dealers.