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Types of Leasing

Types of Leasing

Guarantee scheme for leasing jointly with the National Guarantee Fund

The Leasing Transactions Programme provides a possibility for easier access to financing for micro, small or medium-sized enterprises.

Fleet Management

Fleet management manages the company’s car fleet which includes a range of features such as vehicle financing and maintenance.

Open-End Financial Leasing

Open end financial leasing provides options to pay the residual value amount and to acquire the vehicle or to waive your right thereof.

Closed-End Financial Leasing

When closed-end financial leasing is used, the Client is given an invoice for asset purchase price balance on delivery of the lease asset to the Customer.

Closed-end financial leasing and VAT capitalization

VAT is added to the principal and deferred for the lease. The client has the possibility to use tax credit for the invoice, by paying the VAT to UniCredit.

Operaitional Leasing

Operational leasing is a form of financing whereby an asset is used against payment in monthly lease installments for a fixed leasing term.

UniCredit Leasing financing via EU programs

Flexible financial solution for financing long term assets through European operative programmes.