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Customer Satisfaction feedback

"Give us food for thought" is a Corporate Banking campaign of UniCredit Bulbank for feedback on the customer satisfaction with our services.

Customer Satisfaction feedback

What is the campaign?

We created the "Give us food for thought" campaign in order to measure your satisfaction in time. We have placed it in Bulbank Online to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you - our corporate clients. Take 3 minutes to share your recommendations and give us FOOD FOR THOUGHT!




What should I do?


  • You have already signed a contract or you have discussed an opportunity with the bank in the last 30 days.
  • Take 3 minutes and fill-in the survey, which you will receive through the profile of your company in Bulbank Online.
  • Give us the delivery address, name and phone number.
  • Leave the rest to us.

What's next?

In order to express our gratitude for giving us FOOD FOR THOUGHT and for completing the entire survey, the team of UniCredit Bulbank will send a refreshing surprise for you and your team in the office!


Conditions for participation in the campaign       

If you are a corporate customer of the bank*.

If you have signed  a contract or discussed an opportunity in the last 30 days regarding:

  • Credit products and other banking products
  • UniCredit Leasing products
  • UniCredit Factoring products

There is a high probability that you will receive a link to the survey "Give us FOOD FOR THOUGHT" in your corporate profile at Bulbank Online.

* Corporate clients are LE – Bulgarian or international companies or companies registered in Bulgaria, which have more than 50 % foreign investment, with annual turnover over BGN 3 mln.  and having their main activities in Bulgaria.