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Customer Satisfaction feedback

Share with us whether you are satisfied with your relationship with the bank in the last 30 days.

Actively participate with feedback and help us improve our services.

Customer Satisfaction feedback

What kind of a campaign is this? 

You chose UniCredit Bulbank or UniCredit Leasing as your financial partner and we will be happy to receive your feedback. Expect to hear from us - via short phone call or e-mail.

Give us FOOD FOR THOUGHT! - Take 3 minutes to share your suggestions, ideas and recommendations with us and expect to see them implemented.




 How can I participate? 


  • If you have signed a contract or conducted negotiations with bank experts in the last 30 days.

  • Take 3 minutes to answer a few questions that we will ask you during a short phone call or by e-mail.

Terms and conditions for participation in the campaign       

To be a corporate client of UniCredit Bulbank*.

To have signed a contract or conducted negotiations for a contract with the bank and its related companies in the last 30 days, for:

  • Credit and other bank products and services

  • UniCredit Leasing products



* Corporate clients are legal entities - Bulgarian or foreign companies or companies, registered in Bulgaria, which have more than 50% foreign participation in the ownership, have an annual turnover of more than MBGN 2 and conduct economic activities in Bulgaria.