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"Invest in your children's future" children's investment plan

Everyone strives to give their children a strong start and a good foundation for a future full of possibilities. It is important to provide them with good education, and why not an initial capital with which to enter real life.

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"Invest in your children's future" children's investment plan

What is a Children's Investments Plan?

A specially designed children's investments plan that combines savings and investments in one. Funds are invested monthly in а mutual fund of your choice, with the possibility of achieving good returns with minimal risk by purchasing units at different prices.

Features and how does it work?

The investments plan for the benefit of a child is opened by a legal representative, parent or guardian on behalf of a minor. The funds are invested automatically and on a pre-selected date from the account of the legal representative for the benefit of the minor.


  • Minimum amount per month EUR/USD 20
  • The entry fee is reduced by 100% 
  • Age of the child at the time of opening from 1 to 14 years of age
  • Terms of the investments plan until the child reaches the age of majority

Infographic example


UCB-Infografiki-Spestoven-plan-za-dete-Chart-ENG-02-01-2024.png UCB-Infografiki-Spestoven-plan-za-dete-chart-txt-ENG-01-2024.png

Example: MSCI World (Morgan Stanley Capital International) is a global stock market index. It tracks the performance of over 1,600 large and mid-cap companies in developed countries around the world.  It is used as a benchmark for global funds.

The chart shows a simulation of an investment in MSCI World based on real historical data for the period January 2019 to December 2023 with a monthly payment of EUR 50. At the end of the period, the depositor would have EUR 3,626.

*The previous performance of the Funds are not necessarily related to their future performance. The value of the investments and the income from them may go up, but may go down as well, without any guarantee for profit, and there is a risk for the investors to not recover the full amount of the funds they have invested. The information is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute advice for carrying out transactions in financial instruments. Each investor should make an independent decision to invest and/or enter into other transactions with shares in funds. UniCredit Bulbank AD does not provide investment advices.

What are the benefits?

The product allows you to invest in a wide range of funds from the largest asset management companies in the world, and you determine the amount you will allocate monthly. Among the advantages of the Children's Investments Plan are:


1. A long-term savings alternative to children's savings accounts

3. Transparency in investment management and balanced risk with potential for profitability

6. Investing a small amount every month in leading global companies

2. An automatic transfer from your account on a date specified by you under the investments plan

4. Possibility to achieve good returns with minimal risk by buying units in mutual funds at different prices.

5. Professional management of invested funds

How can you apply for an Invest in Your Children's Future Children's Investments Plan

You can benefit from a free remote consultation with a bank expert. To open a children's investments plan you need to visit a bank branch of UniCredit Bulbank.

Frequently asked questions

Mutual funds are the most widely used form of saving and investing in the world. Investors have access to global financial markets and the companies involved in them. Among the main advantages of mutual funds are:

  • transparency and professional investment management
  • risk diversification
  • access to your funds if necessary

Children can have the funds when they reach the age of 18.

Before the child reaches the age of majority, the funds can be used by the legal representative only by providing a decision from a district court in accordance with the Family Code.


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