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Standard Working Capital Loan

Short-term loan for financing working capital needs for current expenses by ordinary activities of the borrower. The loan has a predefined purpose and repayment schedule.

Standard Working Capital Loan


  • Flexibility of payments You have additional working capital that you can use as and when you deside.
  • Speed and convenience You can use the electronic channel to initiate payments to your contractors without leaving the office.
  • Ability to plan payments You have a predefined repayment schedule.
  • Wide range of the purpose of the loan Opportunity for repeated extension of credit agreement
  • It is granted after analyzing the credit risk.

What Can it be Used for?

  • General purpose

  • Contract financing


The loan can be secured by assets of the borrower or third parties, established in favour of the bank as per the procedure and in the form established by law. The assets could be:

  • Real Estate

  • Movable assets

  • Financial assets

  • Valuables

  • Securities

  • Mutual Funds

  • Receivables from third parties, etc.

Property insurance of collaterals is required.

Term and Repayment

The drawdown can be done once or in tranches.

Repayment schedule and the term reflect the operating cycle of the customer.

The standard maximum period is 12 months, but depending on the operating cycle a maximum of 18 months can be agreed.

The source of repayment of the loan for working capital are cash flows generated of the operating activities of the company.

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