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European Gate

European Gate is a product of Unicredit Group for corporate clients who would like to operate with their accounts or the accounts of their subsidiaries in other UniCredit banks in a centralized way. The bank gives the opportunity to Group’s coporate clients holding accounts in UniCredit Bulbank to use a unified payments format.

European Gate


  • Centralised payments
  • One unified form for all participants
  • One unified form of bank statement
  • One contact point

Whom is it suitable for?

European Gate is suitable for corporate clients holding their accounts or the accounts of their subsidiaries in more than one country where UniCredit Group operates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The principal (the Forwarding company) signs the main service agreement with the UniCredit bank with active European Gate.

The active party is the Forwarding company, while the passive party (Account holding company) executes the payment orders from its account.

Unicredit Bulbank sends MT940 bank statements from the account of the subsidiary to the bank of the Forwarding company via SWIFT. 

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