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Rights of Use

This website is property of UniCredit Bulbank AD. UniCredit Bulbank AD has the right to introduce any changes whatsoever in the data and conditions without preliminary notification.

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Rights of Use


UniCredit Bulbank AD will maintain up-dated information on the website, which does not rule out the possibility that sometimes omissions may occur for objective reasons. UniCredit Bulbank AD will not be liable for the consequences, including potential damages, resulting from or connected in any way whatsoever to your access or use of this website.

The whole information on the website will be presented in a format that may be changed without preliminary notification. This information will be submitted in compliance with the currently applicable legislation without any guarantee whatsoever for its suitability to a certain objective, inviolability and security against computer viruses or other dangers.

UniCredit Bulbank AD will not be liable for the volume, accuracy and completeness of the information.

The use of data and information contained in the website will be according to the user's initiative, will, for the user's account and at the user's risk and liability with compliance with the restrictions in favor of the copyright holder, UniCredit Bulbank AD pursuant to the Copyright and Similar Rights Act. The user will be personally responsible for the perception and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information contained in the website.

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