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It is easy to live in an energy efficient home.

In regards to market trends, social commitment to the environment and energy saving, as well as the needs and desires of more and more customers to purchase energy efficient homes, we have developed new initiative in Mortgage lending.


It is easy to live in an energy efficient home.

What exactly will you get?


A special interest discount when purchasing a home which is in a building with energy efficiency class A or higher, evidenced by a copy of an Energy Efficiency Certificate.


Which buildings have an Energy Efficiency Certificate?

The energy efficiency certificate is issued based on the energy characteristics of the building after the construction is completed and prior to its commissioning.

All new constructed buildings after 2010 have the energy certificate or after completion of energy saving measures or performing construction and assembly works contributing to modifying the energy characteristics of the building.


How can I obtain an Energy Efficiency Certificate?

  • From the developer of the building.
  • From the Municipality in the area of the property.
  • It is available in the technical passport of the property.


Here is an example of an Energy Efficiency Certificate.


Do you know that buildings with high energy efficiency also use preferential terms on property tax:

If the certificate is category “A”, the tax exemption is for a period of 7 years. In case a measure for use of renewable energy sources has been applied to the building, this period increases to 10 years.

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