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Debit Card VISA Gold

  • Contactless payment for daily purchases No requirement to enter PIN for card purchases up to BGN 100 in the country
  • Preferential access To the business lounge Preslav and Pliska of on Terminal 2 of Sofia Airport for the cardholder and one attendant
  • Premium programme Visa Luxury Hotel Collection of Visa Europe An exclusive selection of benefits and discounts that will make your travels even more enjoyable.
  • Free insurance "Assistance in travelling and accident"
Debit Card VISA Gold
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Debit Card VISA Gold

Features and Fees

VISA Gold Debit gives you the convenience, flexibility and security wherever you use it. Use the card actively to purchase goods and services in the merchant outletss and in the Internet. As a holder of Visa Gold Debit card you can take advantage of the special offers of Premium programme Visa Luxury Hotel Collection of Visa Europe -


a selection of exclusive benefits and discounts in chain hotels, as well as suggestions for cruises and exotic trips, that will make your travels more pleasant.

Card digitization






Validity of the card


6 years

Time limit for issuing

  • 5 working days for standard orders
  • within 48 hours for express orders

Additional card


Yes, according to the tariff

Overdraft opportunity


Yes, up to 5 salaries

Preferential and special programmes

  • Access to the business lounge Preslav and Pliska of on Terminal 2 of Sofia Airport;
  • Access to more than 1 million Boingo Global Wi-Fi hotspots around the world;
  • Car rental discounts

24/7 Customer Service Centre


In case of accident or in case of balance inquiry necessity

Bank card delivery


To an address in Bulgaria

Review the full list of the card parameters determined pursuant to the Tariff and the General terms and conditions for bank cards and for provision services via bank card as an online paument tool.

Issuing and service




No fee

Express Issuing / reIssuing

EUR 25

ReIssuing after the expiry date

No fee

ReIssuing before the expiry date

EUR 10

Annual service fee of a main card

EUR 25

Annual service fee of the additional card

EUR 18

Change of the card parameters


Insurance package

No fee

Benefits and package programmes

Modula Programme

Transaction fees



Payment in merchant outletss in the country and abroad

No fee

Payment of goods and services in the Internet

No fee

Cash withdrawals at ATM:


of the Bank in Bulgaria UniCredit abroad

0,16% min. 0,30 BGN

of other banks in Bulgaria and outside UniCredit abroad

0,20% min. 1,50 BGN

Balance inquiry at ATM in Bulgaria


Transactions in system

0,50 BGN

Cash withdrawals at POS terminal:


in a bank branch

EUR 3 + 1%

of other banks in Bulgaria

EUR 3 + 2%


EUR 3,50 + 2,5%

Upon performing a bank card transaction on a real or virtual device abroad in a currency different from the currency of the card account, the transaction amount shall be converted in an amount for sending the financial output of the executed transaction from the Acquiring Bank of the merchant that has accepted the payment to the Card Issuing Bank at the exchange rate of the International Card Organization (ICO), VISA or Mastercard applied on the day of sending. UniCredit Bulbank AD shall book the transaction on the Client’s account where the sent amount debiting the Client’s account shall be converted in an amount in the currency of the account at the respective buy/sell exchange rate of UniCredit Bulbank AD applied on the day of booking the transaction (which may be different from the day of sending the payment). The currency of the amount of the sent payment transaction is USD (for payments made in US dollars) and EUR (for all other payments). UniCredit Bulbank AD does not apply any additional fees in case of revaluation of the bank card transactions.

Transaction limits



Payment at POS terminal in a merchant outlets

BGN 11,000 for 1 transaction

BGN 11,000 for 24 hours

BGN 30,000 for 7 days

Cash withdrawals at ATM and POS terminal in a bank branch in Bulgaria

BGN 4,000 for 1 transaction

BGN 6,000 for 24 hours

BGN 15,000 for 7 days

Cash withdrawals at ATM and POS terminal in a bank branch abroad

BGN 2,000 for 1 transaction

BGN 4,000 for 24 hours 

BGN 10,000 for 7 days

Total number of payments within a period

40 payments for 24 hours

100 payments for 7 days

Card activation

The card activation process is now much faster and easier. Once you have your bank card, you can activate it yourself by changing your original PIN at UniCredit Bulbank’s ATM or all other ATMs with the logo of BORICA AD*.


*Activation of a card and change of PIN code is possible only at ATMs in Bulgaria!

Application of the Card

VISA Classic Debit can be used at ATM and POS terminal, in the Internet and anywhere where VISA is accepted.

  • Cash withdrawals from ATM and POS terminal in any bank branch.
  • Contactless payments – quick, easy and secure payment with only one move without a requirement to enter PIN for card purchases up to BGN 100 in merchant outlets in the country marked with the contactless payment symbol.
  • Payment of products and services offered in merchant outlets at POS terminal in the country and abroad.
  • Collection of points and payments with points atmerchant outlets involved in PLUS Programme.
  • Payment of various goods and services offered in the Internet.
  • Booking and rental services - cars, airline tickets and hotels.
  • Payment of monthly bills for electricity, central heating, phone and other services offered in the Internet through the system (the transaction can be executed after a registration at an ATM)
  • Payment of bills and services from an ATM in Bulgaria through the B-Pay system.
  • Account balance at ATMs in Bulgaria and abroad
  • PIN change account balance and last five transactions only at ATMs in Bulgaria.
  • Cash M transfer – you can immediately order or receive transfers at any ATM of the bank.
  • VISA Cashback allows you to make cash withdrawals at any merchants offering the service in Bulgaria.

Find out how the contactless payment works

If the terminal is marked with the typical symbol you can use your card to make contactless payments as follows:

  1. You see the amount on the display of the POS terminal You see the amount on the display of the POS terminal
  2. Place the card close to the POS terminal symbol. Place the card close to the POS terminal symbol.
  3. The terminal gives an audible and light signal, notifying that the transaction is completed. The terminal gives an audible and light signal, notifying that the transaction is completed.

In case of contactless payments abroad the payment amount below which PIN is not required is different and is determined by the Bank which services the terminal and by the international card organisations (ICO).

For example, in Europe the average payment limit below which no PIN is required is EUR 50.

How to Apply

Required documents and terms

  • Client’s ID card
  • Documents proving the income other than that obtained under employment contract or the income obtained in a manner other than its transfer to an account opened with the Bank
  • The foreigners must submit a document of residence in Bulgaria
  • Application form for debit card for individuals

Apply for your VISA Classic Debit


Fill in the online form and our consultant will contact you.


In branch of the bank

Apply for the card in any bank branch.

Through the online and mobile banking

Bulbank Online
Bulbank Mobile

Digitize your card now!

Forget about your overfilled pockets and bags!

It's easy to pay with your phone by adding your card to Apple Wallet or Digital Wallet for Android.


Security Tips

Take care of your financial security by following a few simple rules when using your card.

Additional Card Services

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