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Blocking and activating cards

At any time you can block and activate your cards by the application Bulbank Mobile.

Blocking and activating cards

Serial new functionality, which can be used free of charge by all debit and/or credit card holders issued by UniCredit Bulbank, is the "blocking and activating cards" function in Bulbank Mobile.

For greater security, you can manage your card status when shopping, paying at a POS terminal, traveling, or if you think the card may be lost or stolen.

How to block/activate your mobile banking card?

  1. Open the Bulbank Mobile application.
  2. Select the card that you want to block/activate.
  3. Press on the “Lock” button on the screen and confirm its temporary suspension from use. The card will be temporarily inactive and its image on the screen will change. To reactivate it, simply press on the “Unlock” button on the same screen.
  4. Done!      

Important: Using the card blocking and activation functionality of Bulbank Mobile is unlimited. There is no limit to comply with. You can always keep your cards locked and activate them only when you choose to make payments with them.

Your card will not be cancelled and you will not have to re-issue it when you block it. The only case in which you need to claim a new card at a branch of the bank is when you lose the card or it is stolen.

Bulbank Mobile

If you don’t have Bulbank Mobile, you can activate it free of charge and in distance in two easy steps:

  • Fill an online request.
  • Receive a call from customer center at a convenient time and follow the instructions.