Infodirect is a convenient information service that tracks every movement on your account and you receive short SMS or e-mail messages.

  • Information about any movement on your account
  • Effective and flexible notification by e-mail and via SMS
  • No monthly fee
  • Automatic service without entering any passwords




E-mail or SMS for account movements

You receive information about incoming or outgoing movements on your accounts.

Monthly statement

You receive an e-mail monthly statement of movements in Excel format.

Setting of limits

An option to set limits on amounts below which no SMS-es will be sent for more efficient management of messages sent.

Without entering any passwords

There is no need to remember usernames and passwords or visit a specialized service website.

Account subscription

An option to subscribe all existing client accounts in BGN and foreign currency – current, deposit, card, package, etc.

E-mail and/or SMS from Infodirect is sent at the time a movement was recorded on your account in the main accounting system of the bank.

  • Via SMS – you receive information about each transfer received or sent, including fees charged, on mobile numbers specified by you.
    For convenience and better management of SMS-es sent, criteria can be set on the receipt of notifications on account movements equal to or higher than an amount specified by you.
  • Via е-mail – you receive information about the amount, date, currency, type and reason of each transfer at е-mail addresses specified by you.


If you have a card account and subscription for SMS notifications, you will receive the first SMS immediately after your card has been used at a POS terminal or ATM machine.

Infodirect will send a second SMS, for the same transaction value, after recording the amount on the account.

Charging is per number of SMS-es sent by Infodirect. The price of one SMS is according to the tariff of the bank. The service is offered at no monthly fee.

Service activation


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By phone

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at the price of a city call
 1 84 84 
for local mobile operators

In bank branch

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