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VISA Platinum

  • Preferential access to the business lounge “Aspire” at Sofia airport and to the „Vienna“ and „Sky“ at Vienna airport
  • Maximum protection through chip and PIN tehnology at all ATM and POS terminals.
  • The program Visa Luxury Hotel Collection with a selection of benefits and privileges that provide unforgettable emotion to Premium cardholders and special offers on selected categories and interests for your private and business trips.
  • Free of charge insurance "Assistance in travelling and accident"
VISA Platinum
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VISA Platinum

Features and Fees

Take advantage to high-end card with higher transactional credit limits and various preferences.

Visa Platinum provides you guaranteed and secured access to your funds with maximum protectin throu chip an PIN tehnology wherever available the logo of Visa.

Minimum net monthly income


6 000 BGN

Credit limit


30 000 BGN up to 100 000 BGN




Time limit for issuing


5 working days for standard

within 48 hours for express orders

Credit limit validity


2 years

Interest rate


1.60 % monthly calculated on the basis of the utilized but not repaid part of the credit limit

Annual expense ratio


*Example: 22.47% with a repayment term of 12 months, an annual fee of 100 EUR (195.58 BGN), utilized credit limit of 30 000 BGN, a monthly payment of 3 % (900 BGN) of the amount of disbursed limit, monthly interest rate 1.60 % and total due amount at end of period 33 463.02 BGN.

Card validity


4 years

Annual fee


100 EUR

Minimum repayment amount


3% of the approved credit limit

Grace period


Up to 45 days for purchases at POS terminals

Due date


From 1st to 15th of the month




Additional card


Yes, according to the tariff



Chip and magnetic stripe

Preferential and special programmes

  • Free of charge Insurance “Assistance in travelling and accident'

  • Automatically activated service Safe payments on the Internet

  • Programme PLUS

Liabilities repayment

  • Direct debit - automatic repayment of a minimum repayment amount and all credit card liabilities from other bank accounts
  • Mobile or online banking - repayment of a minimum repayment amount or larger amounts directly to the card account
  • Installments at ATM – with cash deposit  to a credit card account
  • At cashier in the bank branch to a credit card  account

24/7 customer service center


In emergency situations or when you need to check your card balance

Statements and notifications

  • Free of charge monthly statement of account via e-mail
  • Free of charge SMS reminder and e-mail 5 days prior to the date of the amount due and 3 days afterwards

Review the full list of the card parameters determined pursuant to the Tariff and the General terms and conditions for bank cards and for provision services via bank card as an online paument tool.

Card activation

The card activation process is now much faster and easier. Once you have your bank card, you can activate it yourself by changing your original PIN at UniCredit Bulbank’s ATM or all other ATMs with the logo of BORICA AD*.


*Activation of a card and change of PIN code is possible only at ATMs in Bulgaria!

Application of the Card

  • Booking and rental services - cars or airline tickets and hotels
  • Payment of products and services offered in merchant outlets at POS terminal in the country and abroad
  • Collection points and payments with points at merchant outlets involved in PLUS Programme
  • Cash withdrawals at ATM and POS terminal in any bank branch
  • Payment of monthly bills for electricity, central heating, phone and other services offered in the Internet through the system (the transaction can be executed after a registration at an ATM)
  • Payment of bills and services from an ATM in Bulgaria through the B-Pay system
  • Account balance, PIN change and information on the last five transactions only at ATMs in Bulgaria

How to Apply

Required documents and terms

  • Minimum net monthly income BGN 6,000
  • Client’s ID card
  • Income other than employment relationship or without income transfer to bank account evidence
  • Foreigners should a resident permit for Bulgaria
  • Application form for credit card when visiting UniCredit Bulbank branches 

Apply for your Visa Platinum


Fill in the online form and our consultant will contact you.


In branch of the bank

Apply for the card in any bank branch.

Through the online and mobile banking

Bulbank Online
Bulbank Mobile

Digitize your card now!

Forget about your overfilled pockets and bags!

It's easy to pay with your phone by adding your card to Apple Wallet or Digital Wallet for Android.


Security tips

Take care of your financial security by following a few simple rules when using your card.

Additional Card Services

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