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Standard Savings Account

Dispose of sufficient funds while you generate savings. The standard savings account guarantees security of your investment and options for higher yield.

  • You can dispose of funds on account at any time without any restrictions and without penalty interest.
  • You have access to funds on your savings account in any branch of UniCredit Bulbank in Bulgaria.

Standard Savings Account


Account transactions


No restrictions for deposit of funds in account.

You can open the account in Bulbank Online and manage your funds through online and mobile banking.

If you need money the Bank will grant you a loan against funds in savings account used as collateral.



The interest can be transferred to another current or saving account with the bank specified by the account holder or to a third party account.

Account Opening

In person

Upon presentation of an identification document.

By an authorized person

With a notarized power-of-attorney which explicitly specifies the transactions the proxy is authorized to execute.

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