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Registration Agent

Registration Agent

What is it

UniCredit Bulbank is one of the few banks in the country that operate as a registration agent. The bank can issue duplicates of depository notes and carry out the necessary procedures related to inheritance and donations.


  • Registration of transactions in financial instruments concluded in advance between the parties
  • Transfer of dematerialized financial instruments registered with CD AD, in the case of a donation or inheritance
  • Changing the owner's details for dematerialized financial instruments, change in incorrectly entered details
  • Request an update on the current status of a portfolio from CD AD
  • Issuance of duplicate certificates and other actions provided for in the rules and regulations of the depository institution

Important: The scope of services excludes government bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Where you can find us

Branches through which UniCredit Bulbank offers investment intermediary services.

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